World Kobane Day 2015


A demonstration, a day full of seminairs, a gala and more!

In the fall of 2014 300,000 thousand people had to flee the attacks of ISIL against Kobane i Kurdistan. But thanks to YPG/YPJ’s defence thousands of people have chosen to return to their homes. This has created the need for reconstruction. The Rojava Committees has collected and shipped 10 tons of clothes, built a music studio and staffed and equipped a rehabilitation centre for wounded fighters among other things. There is now a desperate need for the building of schools so that the people won’t feel such a strong need to leave their homes in search for a future for their children.

We have to make sure the world never forgets and that as many of us as possible engage in solidarity with Kobane.

This year’s agenda:

1 October – Launch of a fundraiser for a new school in Kobane. Let’s make it possible for approx. 540 children to build their own future:

31 October – Seminairs to spread knowledge about Rojava, the struggle and what can be done. More info soon.

1 November – World Kobane Day, international day of manifestations. At least 4 cities and Sweden and more around the globe will go out and show their solidarity. Starts from Humlegården at 14.00.

2 November – Gala supporting the rebuild of Kobane at Hotel Rival.

Get involved!

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  1. I haven’t seen an overview but I would recommend keeping track of the hashtag #WorldKobaneDay on for instance Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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